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Re: No torsen for me thanks.

In a message dated 98-03-02 13:33:10 EST, you write:

<< I was driving a 95 sport 90 quattro in snow.  I
 gave the car a little gas around a corner (like my 4kq likes) and scared
 the $&!~ out of me, instead of a little oversteer or a little understeer
 all 4 wheels lost traction (because of the gas) and thankfully no cars
 were parked in the road.   >>

How come everyone blames the torsen instead of bad driving.  The 90Q sport has
butloads more torque down low than the 4kq could ever have, unless you put a
turbo in it...  Audi put torsen in later cars because they are far superior to
open diffs a majority of the time.  I know you guys mudding in your 4kq's will
state that you'll get stuck with a torsen but Audi never inteded for their
passenger production cars to be going through ten feet of mud. Torsens flat
out work!!!  Otherwise Audi wouldn't have bothered with them in the first