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Re: Alta Vista (no Audi Content)

The ads that appear on a timed basis are there because of an
embedded HTML function in the page that is supported by the browser. 
It would be nice if you could configure your browser to ignore individual
HTML commands or substitute some standard result, like a blank box in
the background color, but so far I don't know of any browser that is
widely available and  gives the user that much control over page
processing.  Maybe Netscape and Microsoft programmers have access
to some juicy, internal versions that give you this control? ;-)    OTOH,
Maybe someone could come up with a creative packet sniffer program
that acts to dynamically filter out the stuff you don't want...I know,
sorry, all that power in the hands of mere mortals...interference with 
advertisement...set the stage for economic catastrophe...soon the world
comes to an end as telephone psychics everywhere go broke, turn
mean,  and stop giving sage advice...yada, yada...(please take the
above with a big grain of salt)..

Anybody know how the anti-obscenity parental-control programs

(If you really want to talk about this some more, email me privately)....

Sorry for the WOB...