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Re: no torsen for me

jay, with all due respect, you don't understand the torsen...

either axle cannot exceed the bias ratio.  which means in your audi that 30% of
power is *always* going to either driveshaft.  the torsen will be looking for
traction anywhere it can find it.  thats just what you want.

re-reading your post, you were driving too fast for the conditions, and are
lucky that you didn't prang.  drive to the conditions buddy (and don't blame
the tools), or you're asking for trouble...

btw, to slide 2 feet throughtout the turn is a classic understeer.  your entry
speed was too high...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
>Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 13:55:22 -0800
>From: Jay Rabe <brabe@snet.net>
>The point I was making is that torsen center diff. cars actually lose
>traction if you aren't careful with the go pedal.  If 1 rear tire is
>spinning then 1 front tire is spinning.  The two tires that have grip
>quickly lose it because they now have to take care of the forces the
>spinning tires cant handle.  Then the front and rear wheels lose
>traction.  The car had month old tires on it.  My 4000 Q had 2 year old
>dunlop d60's on it (by the way they were basically bald.)  My car would
>take the corner like nothing as long as I was semi-smooth through the
>corner.  I also experienced all tires loosing traction at once in a high
>speed corner on a wet road.  My foot stayed in the same spot on the gas
>in fear of spinning it.  I slid about 2 feet out throughout the entire
>corner.  I blame both slides on the torsen, not the tires or the
>driver.  Audis are famous for their handling at the limits so why is
>everyone saying that we shouldn't push our cars there?
>By the way if torsens are so good why is audi using EDL now?  I'm not
>trying to pick fights about ridiculous things, im just stating my