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Re: Short causing battery drain

> My thought is these are all somehow related.  I have the Bentley manuals,
> but just need a bit of a push in the right direction in order to track down
> and hopefully fix my problem.

Yeah, they're all related - they are all things wrong with your car... 
But on a friendlier note, to find the short, disconnect the battery lead
(either one) and jump it (the lead to the battery) with a test light or
current meter.  The glow of the bulb or the meter indicates your drain. 
Now start removing fuses one at a time.  With any luck the bulb will dim
or the meter drop at one fuse.  This circuit contains your short.  Some
circuits aren't fused (omigod!!!), depnds on your car which one.  Those
have to be disconnected "manually".  A decent circuit diagram of your
car helps here.  You should at least have a Haynes manual if not a
Bentley anyway, right?

If you are lucky, the fault will be at your ABS switch!  If not, you've
got two problems to fix.

Good luck!

Huw Powell


'82 (+/-) Audi Coupe & more coffee please