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Question about A-4 prices

Please answer me direcly in that I am not subscribing at this time.
Beings I was without an Audi and belonged to 3 other digests I was getting

Last year I wanted to get an A4 1.8T for my wife. she decided to keep her
car for a bit longer and now is ready.

Problem is that she now likes the 2.8 better than the 1.8. 
All of the ones that are coming in to the local dealer. ( Bellevue
Washington) are coming in fully equipt ( or almost)  and the dealer is
getting nearly 35k for the 2.8.

Would like to know if anyone knows of what they are getting for both the
1.8 and the 2.8 
I remember that last year a couple people were able to get 1.8 with most
the toys for about 27K

What she wants is
either 1.8 or 2.8

sport package, 
lux package with roof, remote locking etc.

the winter package is not needed, 
the upgraded sterio might be nice but is not necessary
Leather and wood on the 2.8 would be cool but is not end all.

Any feedback would be great. 
If someone from the Northwest has made a score It would be nice to know
where from.
Where I am at there is a lot of money spent on cars and the dealer is not
too interested in dealing too hard.