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Re: Question about A-4 prices

>Last year I wanted to get an A4 1.8T for my wife. she decided to keep her
>car for a bit longer and now is ready.
>Problem is that she now likes the 2.8 better than the 1.8.
>All of the ones that are coming in to the local dealer. ( Bellevue
>Washington) are coming in fully equipt ( or almost)  and the dealer is
>getting nearly 35k for the 2.8.
I recently checked out a 1.8T with the sport package.  I liked the car but
was disappointed in the engine.  I have read and heard so many good things
about this engine.  However, I found it significantly less responsive than
my current 93 90CS.  This would be a definate step down for me.  And I am
not interested in spending $1K for chips, etc.  My dealer also had a new 97
2.8 with all the trimmings.

>Would like to know if anyone knows of what they are getting for both the
>1.8 and the 2.8
>I remember that last year a couple people were able to get 1.8 with most
>the toys for about 27K
Wrt price the local dealer (Columbia, SC) brought the violin out and
lamented about how it takes 6 months to get another car and they could only
take a few hundred off since I was a repeat customer!!!!  That was the deal
with either the new 4 cylinder ($27.5K)  or the year old V-6 ($31K).  Hmm, I
got my violin out and told them how the resale value of my Audi at 35%
($11K/$31K) was dismal and that I couldn't afford that kind of depreciation
and a high starting price.  I have my previous BMW 325is and wife's current
MB C280 as reference for good resale value cars that are enjoyable to drive.
I think the A4s have alot going for them.  But, I would only consider a used
one unless you have $$$ to burn.  FWIW, a recent car rag did a 50K long term
test drive.  They commented how high the $/mile were on the A4 given the
free maintenance.  The root of the high cost is in depreciation; I beleive
it was $8-9K for 2 years and 50K miles!!!

BTW, Sean's A4 page has a survey of prices paid.  You may want to check it
out. http://www.ns.net/~seang/survey/rsltshtm.html