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Re: sunroof woes


   If it's making grinding and cracking noises, that's probably not good.  I
know that you can open your sunroof manually with a key (crank style) that
should be under your sunroof switch/motor cover.  That piece your sunroof
switch is in, pull it off and there should be a key and a keyhole to crank it
open somewhere in there.  Try this to get it open.  I don't know if this will
work if the sunroof cable is broken, but I think the cable is just for the
motorized unit, so it shouldn't be a problem.  If that doesn't work, you may
have bigger problems and may need to take it to a dealer/mechanic.

   BTW, Does anyone know what these cables are made of?  Plastic?  I've never
actually seen one before.  Also, sunroofs can be rather complex, and I think
the one in the Audi is no exception.  If my memory serves me right, there was
a large section in the Bently manual on it.  This is why the annual sunroof
cleaning and lubrication is a good idea.  Clean and then shoot the sunroof
tracks with some white lithium grease.  I used some synthetic bicycle chain
lube by Castrol.