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New member

Hi folks,

I'm currently the owner of a heavily modified 1994 Chevy Camaro Z28,
but I've always had a love for Audis.  My family had owned four
different Audis as I was growing up: a 1981 5000S Turbo (Grandpa's), a
1983 5000 (Dad's), 1984 5000 S (Mom's), and a 1987 5000S Turbo (Dad's
again).  All of them were kept stock, but all were equally enjoyed.

I don't have an Audi right now, but I've been thinking about a more
realistic daily driver when I rebuild my Z28's motor this summer (and
crank the supercharger's boost up to 12#).  I'm thinking a used car,
and most likely a turbo quattro.  Any particular suggestions here? 
BTW, there is a *strong* possibility that at some point in time mods
will be done to this car as well.. that's just the type of person I
am!  :-)  


Dan Wicker - Tempe, AZ - '94 Z28 M6 Bright red 
365 rwhp - Best ET: 13.300 (no traction) - Best MPH: 107.43
Vortech 6# - B&B Tri-Flo + other mods..