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Gunson's CO% metering, fuel burn meters and vehicle multimeters...


Anyone on the list use CO% metering equipment made by a company called
Gunson? I had a look at a unit at the local NAPA, it had both the
CO% metering unit and amp, volts, dwell and RPM measuring capability.
Unit price was high for me, around the $150 mark. I would like to know
if anyone has had experience with equipment from Gunson's? How
accurate are they?

Also, the NAPA store had a cool looking gimick. It indicates how good
the air-fuel mixture is burning within the combustion chambers. You
remove a spark plug and place the unit in a plug socket, then reconnect
the HT lead, start the car. A viewing window on the top of the unit
will change colour, a blueish colour indicates good combustion. The
packaging indicates that it can be used with carb or injection motors
and will help in setting in the proper fuel mixture.

The reason I'm asking about all this is that I had the VW/Audi agents
set in my CO about a week ago. They did what seemed to be the fast
CO set ever. Also, info indicates that when doing the CO test on the
MC motor that the crank breather line be disconnected from the
airbox before doing the measuring. Also, my exhaust was leaking and
could have offset the readings. I would therefore like to investigate
the feasibility of getting my own CO meter and test equipment.

This is just research though, I'm still unemployed and I am still
trying to prevent things from falling off my car. :)

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