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Re: Audi crash: split into 3 sections?

To:   quattro

Boston area accident comments:

>>>split in 3 pieces huh? seems to be pretty unlikely if you own any model
>>>made before 88 like my car for example weighs 3350 or more lbs like its
>>>really going to split in three pieces.  It takes a lot to put even the
>>>tiniest dent in it...:) Tamara

eeeee....don't count on it...I've seen any number of cars go jigsaw...incl.
 Audis, Benz's et al.

>>>>Yeah, I saw this on the news the other night.  It was a 90. The whole
>>>>>>rear section of the ar was in one place, the rest of the car
wassomewhere else.

It was an 80 or a 90 from photos I saw...no brake marks...trunk and most of
 rear seat left at a telephone pole,
mid-section splayed about, front end landed 50 feet away in a Pizza Shop
dining room...passenger dead,
driver critical...."speed was a factor" ...talk about understatements......

So, Phil, now do you picture a country full of young Audi drivers hunting
down helpless pizza joints or would that
be too much of a generalization?  :-)