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Re: Boris?


The bite I got was at 15mph in snow/slush on Z-rated Dunlop SP 4000s (OE)
tires in an S6.  The car was down right dangerous on these tires in those
conditions. The car wouldn't stop or turn or do much else.  I beached the
thing on a turn climbing a gentle grade.  The car did over and understeer
in the same turn.  It responded to my inputs with a resonse unlike anything
I've ever driven.

 Others have reported the same.  My non torsen car never did that that on
Eagle GAs in even worse weather.

Drive any Audi with or without quattro in severley slick conditions or any
car for that matter and you will bring out some of its handling tendancies.

I'm only saying that I do think all these cars have their own handling
traits, some more predictable than others.  If you haven't found that spot
yet it really doesn't mean they don't do it.  Only you know yourself and
your car.