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Re: [Fwd: 4KQ subframe bushings]

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jay Rabe say:

> Does anyone know where to find the following things? Any good subframe
> bushings?  I dont feel like paying an arm & a leg for stock mush.  About
> delrin A-arm bushings, How long do these last?  If anyone is currently
> using them, specially if you have had them a while, please let me know
> your opinions.  How about some type of strut bearing not made of rubber,
> but not a solid mount?  Last one I promise, Heim joint (i think) tie rod
> ends instead of the rubber bushings (where they connect to the rack.)

I got mine from Linda at Carlsen, and didn't pay anything like an
arm and a leg. I find the stock rubber just right (note: not a track
car, a daily driver).

Delrin and Urethane are very VERY stiff, and will get noisy.


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