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I'm new to the list and fairly new to quattros. Thought I would share some
info before asking the dumb questions, so please treat me gently.
GEAR RATIOS    Final drives are 4.11
    200-20v      s4      s4 6sp.    rs2 6sp
1.    3.60       3.50      "           "
2.    2.13       1.89      "           "
3.    1.36       1.23    1.32          "
4.     .97        .93    1.03          "
5.     .73        .73     .86          "
6.                        .73         .71
The 200 has the same ratios as the urq 20v and can only get to 58 mph. in
second gear while s4 can get to 63 mph. so the 200 gets hurt in 0-60 mph.
Hoppen Motorsports sells 6 sp. conversion for $3500. don't know what is
        200-20v      s4            rs2
WEIGHT   3790       3990         3847
H.P.      217        227          315
LB/FT     228        258          302
LB/HP     17.46      17.57        12.21
LB/FT/LB  16.62      15.46        12.73
To get a 200-20v to rs2 numbers you need 310 hp. and 297 lb/ft. It is
interesting that a rs2 as a smaller car is heavier than the 200. RS2 0-60
mph is 4.8 sec.!!
All wheel drive is not allowed in touring car racing for '98 (and rear
drive might not be far behind) Audi is racing fwd cars.Will they be hurt by
n/s engine layout while e/w layout lets you lay engine back for better cg.
and weight distribution?
Read that Audi might get back into WRC that seems like the only home left
for the quattro technology.
With how hard Porsche worked to get 315 hp. in the rs2 is it realistic to
expect the same numbers with a manifold, turbo and chip as the tuners
advertise ?
What does it take to put a 10v turbo engine in a coupe gt do you also swap
the trans?
Thanks for the time. All the numbers came from R&T and Performance Car so
blame them if they are wrong.
 sean @pacificrim.net