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A4T: How to cool that turbo...run on fan!

Hey all,
I was looking at the Audi turbo design for my A4, and thought of a way to
prolong it's life.  There is no after run fan to cool the turbo like the old
2.3 turbo did.  It's pretty warm here in Florida already, and I have yet to
hear my radiator run on fan ever kick on.  SO, I am going to find the run on
fan temp sensor and move it to a position right above the Turbo.  THis would
cause the fan to kick on for several minutes after every shut down. Sure, my
fan would then break down sooner, but i have no problem replacing a $100 fan
motor in 4 years over a $1000 turbo.

PROBLEM:  WHere is the run on fan temp sensor?  They were easy to find in all
my other Audis, but can't find it in this one.  Can anyone help find it?


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