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RE: Last year for Audi 90 WITH 5-cylinder engine?

<<<<Hi factoid nuts!  Anyone know what the last year for the 5-cylinder 90
quattros was?  In light of the recent turbo conversion frenzy, my interest
is piqued!  TIA.>>>>

THe last year for the 90Q 5 banger was 1991 with the 20V engine, and all non-Q
90s in 90 & 91 had the 10V.  BUT, in '92 there was no 90 series at all due to
it being a transion year for Audi (facelifted V6 90 in 1993), only 80 series
WITH the 5 banger 10V, no 4 cylinder available.

THat was the end of the non turbo 5 cylinder for good it seems.  The S4/S6
used the 20V turbo 5, but that was it that I know of for America.

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