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Locked in differential opinions

Hey, I'm not here to create wars between people with Torsens...   That's what
I'm seeing here.  Anyone that has sat in a car with me, knows that 11/10ths is
in capable hands, and quattros are my passion, driving and tweeking.  I also
found an explainable flaw in Torsens more often than (it appears) anyone else
here save Jeff G.

I urge people to respond to issues.  The issue here is that by physics, a
torsen can shift Tshift-max without wheel lift.  The constants I tried to
maintain for KISS, are becoming argued variables, but really the conclusions
those variables draw, create more questions and variables.  Some of the
presentations for deviating from KISS, is beyond my interest in math (so
documented).   And this list hasn't agreed that a Torsen can even do what I
propose it can...  By physics.  So, I say "Why bother" before I say "It's
people".  Others don't draw a line.  Let me be the first.  

There are a couple of us that will continue to try to explain this little
quirk that I refer to as a "bite" overdramatic to those non-believers,
incredulous to those btdt.  No big deal, the interest wanes on my part.  I
think I found the cause.  I will continue, with Jeff to see if our summary is

What neither of us intended to do was create such a rift here.  I have
unsuccessfully tried to be at the forefront of a discussion on Torsen Centers
(with Jeff's lead), and their limitations.  They have them.  For folks like
me, I find the limitations VERY uncomfortable to my confidence in the quattro
chassis.  For others, my hope is you don't find yourself driving beyond the
arena torsens act well.  Given the posts here, that is a lofty one I suppose.
Dramatic?  For me, and my incidence ALL were.  Luckily for me, and the owners,
that wasn't expensive.  But very dramatic.  And, the reason passion is high,
it that you get bitten, YOU WILL NEVER FORGET IT.

So, I step down, I feel a lot of repeating bytes.  My mistake.  Happy to
continue off line with some, drop it with others.  We seem to get so close
here on the technical stuff, but never a consensus (even on physics).  So for
the virtual world, I suppose.  

Right now, I conclude that some have been bitten, and think I know why.  I
conclude that some haven't and think I know why.  Here's to hoping we
successfully educated some in both groups along the way.

Scott Justusson