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Dave E.:
Excellent report on the differences between locked and torsen centers thru a
turn with wheel lift.  Great archive material.  For ABSOLUTE traction, torsen
is proven and continues to be better than a locked center, per your post, and

One point in relation to that .8 statistic to consider....
Now that you've gone through that exercise.  Let's Keep It Simpler Than That.
You've assumed cf a constant front to rear, and WOT (Trg = max, T1 + T2 =
Trg).  I can show that same Torsen to Tshift-max 170lb/ft with NO WHEEL LIFT
at all, forward back, AND back forward in the same turn, and a locker to
Tshift = 0.  Ok, let's forget traction for a minute and concentrate on chassis
dynamics for just a minute.  Thinking on that wheel lift issue, what does that
exactly say about who might be cornering harder, you with wheel lift, or me
with none?  

Welcome to the 'web', sir.

Your friendly arachnoid.

Scott Justusson