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Re: Vikings invade!

Going to have to agree with you on this one. Love my in law's 850 Turbo
Wagon. Fun and fast. Easily chirps the Michelin MXX fronts on 1st to 2nd
shift. Love the wheel design.

Love to out accelerate BMW 325s. After we moved to CO I tried talking the
wife into an A6QW. GUTLESS. I can not even imagine trying to drive one of
these up to the mountains @ 9000 feet. Can't get the wife an Audi turbo
wagon as I'd be paying for new clutches every three months, so it has to be
an auto.

As a further aside, rented an Oldsmobile Intrigue the other day and I REALLY
liked it, someone even thought I was driving a Lexus. Now if only Hertz
starts renting the TT.

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>Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.  My wife's '95 850 Turbo wagon is a
>pretty impressive vehicle for many reasons - performance, space, comfort,
>safety.  I would love to get her an Audi, but when her lease is up this
>we will probably get another ovloV mit AWD because nobody makes anything
>that competes with a similar combination of features.
>Ralph Poplawsky
>'91 200Q
>'95 ovloV (glorified farm tractor mit turbo boost)