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Re: H4 low beams

>      I'm planning to increase the power of my Hella H4 low beams from the
>      stock 55/60 bulbs.  Does anyone have any thoughts on how much power
>      can be used before you start getting bad reactions from other drivers?
>       They are kept well aimed.

I run 80/100.  Wonderful light, aimed down 2 degrees instead of 1, I
don't get flashed period.  The first set burnt out in one year.  At
about $12-14 each, that was ok.  Today my left one cooked, it's only
been four months.  Not so ok.  Of course Phil "big bulbs" Payne, running
something like 180/130 in his, whatever the highest is, has been heard
stating that they last something like a couple of months.  He buys his
bulbs by the gross I think.  Problem is they heat up more I guess...

Important aside - you better be running relays and fuses independent of
the stock wiring to go over the stock wattage, right?

Huw Powell


'82 (+/-) Audi Coupe & more coffee please