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Re: AC-ectomy

> Has anyone disengaged, removed, extracted, or otherwise done an
> AC-ectomy.  Faced with the cost of a compressor and the fact that
> I have  had AC for several years now and never used it (well
> maybe once), I'd like to lose the extra weight.  any BTDT's?

For me it was a gradual process.  Started with a bit of a bash to the
condenser - no leaks but my mechanic still wouldn't charge the system
(ok, yes if it needed charging it must have a leak *somewhere*...).  

When pulling most of the cooling system to change heater core hoses, out
stayed the condenser.  It is easy to remove.  There is a dryer canister
next to it.  A bit tougher because of how it was mounted (rusted

Sometime later I decided, why drag that compressor around with me when I
don't use it?  So I spent am hour or two undoing about 50 grimy bolts
holding it and its mounting bracket in place.  Out went a few more

Arounf the same time I tore out the evaporator.  Again, not too
difficult, yields tremendous space (yet to be used...) under the glove

When my engine was out... I removed the last couple of bits of piping,
they are very hard to reach with the engine in.

A month or so ago I was just goofing off when I realised that there is
an AC-actuated thing that *looks* like a vacuum bypass of sorts under
the hood.  It actually allows a bit of extra air to get past the
throttle to raise the idle I guess when the AC is on.  It comprises two
hoses, one from the boot over the air meter, one from a vacuum line on
the intake manifold, that meet at an electrically operated valve next to
the frequency valve.  These came out and a couple of cool green painted
cap screws went in their place.

Then there's the vacuum operated fresh/recirculate flap.  This only
closes when the AC is full on.  A mechanical vacuum valve on the heater
control lever actuates it.  It has its own line from the intake manifold
vacuum lines, through a check valve, to a tee to the valve, to a storage
canister all its own under the left fender.  I make all gone.

Someday I would like to run a cable to that fresh/recirculate flap,
though, it would come in handy sometimes (skunks, mosquito sprayers,
really cold out or humid out...)

Now if only I could get rid of the blue section of the heater control
lever.  BTW the 4th fan setting on my car is an AC-only feature, and as
I recall (I may be wrong...) the AC activates the fan on low speed
automatically as a default setting.

that enough of a btdt for you?

PS I don't miss my AC at all.

Huw Powell


'82 (+/-) Audi Coupe & more coffee please