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Re: Digifant in a 4K

First of all, digifant is not a nice system. It is NOT the hot tip for
performace in these vehicles.  Yes, there is a chip available on the market
for VW 8Vs with digifant, produced by AMS. (In actuality it is a mostly
modified engine controller.) The second problem is that the digifant control
unit controls both Ignition and fuel, and is designed for a four cylinder
engine.  Volkswagen has never used Digifant in a 16V set up.  The only systems
used were CIS-E, with knock sensor control (starting in 1986 on the Scirocco
16V to 1989 on ALL 16V engines) and CIS-Motronic for all 2.0 L 16V 1990-1992
Now Audi did use CIS-Motronic on 2.0L 8V fours as in the 80 models. These does
exist a system that would work, a la VW Eurovan, which used the High torque
version of the five cylinder engine. After studying the repair fiche for this
engine, the fuel rail would most likely work.  But for what advantage?  The
CIS-E set up on the Quattro is  a very efficient set up, with much reserve
capacity.  The hot tip for these engines would be a Euro ignition distributor
and maybe a conversion over to standard K-Jet.
     Digifant is a half breed bastard step child of L-Jettronic and Motronic.
It is a constant injection system, using a single electrical feed to the
selenoid injectors on the fuel rail, (All injectors pulsed at the same time.)
vs Motronic's grouped or Sequential injector patterns. It does have ignition
timing maps similar to Motronic, but the stock mapping from VW is out of
Whack, and it gets its sole timing reference from the Hall sensor, not the
crank triggers.  
   Hope I confused everybody.