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Oil Leak


Got home from work and found the Quattro (4kCSQ w/110k miles) leaving a
small puddle of oil under the trans. The oil seems to be coming from a drain
hole in the very front, center, bottom of the tranny housing, right at the
final drive cover. Today was the first warm day of the year in Denver area
(70's F) and also about a month ago I re-filled the trans with synthetic. My
questions - is this more than likely the input shaft oil seal (Bentley
34.55) and do these things fail this quickly? Did the switch to syn help
this along? Finally, if this is the shaft oil seal, should I go ahead with a
clutch (yikes only 110K miles!)- the clutch does not feel like it's slipping
from oil. Any other recommendations for other parts that should be looked at
or replaced at the same time? Finally, do you think I can get a couple of
days driving out of it to make to the weekend? 
Thank-you very much in advance.