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Rear shelf on 200 same as on non-turbo car?


Mind is idle. Stupid question coming forth. Is the rear shelf on the
200t (1990) same as that of the non-turbo cars (ie. 100)? In this
country it would be the Turbo and 500SE cars I'm speaking of. They
should be the same, as it is just bodywork, but I'd rather get
the complete story from the list. Reason for asking is related to
talk about 4kq audio installation and the fact that in the way-off
future I might consider a sound upgrade and would like to make a
fireglass rear deck which has sandwiched sound deadening material
in it and would like to make the unit fit perfectly so I'll need a
rear shelf as a mould. Any ideas on who is the manufacturer of that
sound deadening material that they use in fibreglass moulds for
audio installation?

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