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Re: Coupe Restoration

>      Don,
>      If you're looking for a car there is a gorgeous black '94 S6
>      at agincourt autohaus, they're asking $34K it has 60,000kms and will

>      come with the Audi assured warranty.

Thanks Mike, actually it's a '96 S6 with 28,000km $44,800 firm.  Was from
their lease program with a brokerage firm in TO - "perk mobile".  Driven by
a junior partner who is no longer with the firm - want his name?  2 years
and 40,000km left on warranty.  

>      I seriously recommend looking at an S4/S6 unless you have to have a 
>      new car....

We have arranged to take it for a spin on Saturday and yes we are even
prepared to trade the Bavarian money pit if its a keeper and buy a used
pick-up or k-car for the kids.  But why do I always get stuck with the