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First off, my apologies on sending that diatribe of mine to the list. It
should have been sent private, as my ORIGINAL post to Dave was, but I
was too p/o'd at the time (obviously). Some understand this position,
some don't. I don't know why he needed to do that inthe first place, but
"there's no accounting for some people's taste".  Frankly, the anonymity
was so thinly veiled as to be pointless, and does not justify the
original act in any event.

I'd stop here, but Dave's made more incorrect assumptions in public
whilst attempting further belittlment. Funny how appropriate the first
three letters of the word 'assume' become.

Dave writes:
>i am somewhat bemused as to why he (the only person on this list who
>seems to require a pseudonym)

Sargent Edward Schutt is my real name, oh presumptuous one. There is
nothing fictitious about it. But then you seem to be given to
assumptions and subsequent quantum leaps of logic lately. Get all the
*facts* before you open your mouth again, sir.

I would have let it go except that I would at least like to clear up
Dave's assertion that I am running around using a pseudonym for a name.
A name is an identity. This, to me, merits defending. But enough
already, I know.

Back to Q business.


Sargent Schutt

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86 5ktq