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Re: Passat Offset Crash Test

I wrote:
> While they are based on the same platform (same as A4), the Passat and
> the A6 are not the same car.  The A6 is larger and more substantial.  I
> would expect it to outperform the Passat in this test.  The A4 should be
> comparable to the Passat.

Actually, the Passat did better than the A4 in the Euro NCAP tests (3
stars vs. 2).  Probably the result of its larger size.  Offset
protection was about the same, but the Passat did better in the
side-impact test.  I'm sure the folks at Audi aren't real psyched about

BTW, neither car was tested with side airbags - the Passat's were
actually deactivated.  Other cars (M-B, Volvo) were tested with the
bags.  Seems odd to me.  Also, the A4 showed potential chest and pelvis
injuries which is exactly the point of the side bag.  The head
protection was good.  Interestingly, the M-B side bag (door mounted) did
not fully inflate before the door struck the dummy's chest...


Kennon Hines
1990 Coupe Quattro
Atlanta, GA