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Gross polluter becomes ULEV!

	Some of you may remember that my '91 200Q (73K) was declared
	a "gross polluter" by a local smog check station a couple
	of days ago. I took the car to the mechanic next door: he
	cleaned out the intake manifold (!) and made sure all the
	hose clamps were tight.  

	Not only did the car pass CA smog -- it passed with ridiculously
	low emission levels (HC of 2 an CO of 0 in one case)! While
	I'm relieved, I'm suspicious that something isn't quite right ..

	Chris Miller suggested that I dump the error codes from the
	diagnostic computer and forwarded Phil Payne's old post
	on how to do this.  My first attempt was unsuccessful (the
	diode lit up as soon as I connected it, but I couldn't
	get it to blink) and I intend to try again.

	Thanks for all the responses, folks!


Arun Rao
Pixar Animation Studios
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