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Re: spy shots

Oooh, those are _neat_ shots!  Not your usual grainy camo-covered
snaps!  I'll take my A3 Coupe with Quattro, 180-200hp 1.8t drivetrain and
a five (or six) speed, please! Cloth sport seats, manual windows, (but
remote power locks and mirrors) an uncomplicated climate control
option, a manual sunroof, and a _full_ set of instruments.  Keep it well
under 3,000lbs and under $25k and *ding* I think we have a winner!

I _hope_ Audi has plans to get some of these cars into the United States
with some enthusiast options at reasonable prices.  Seriously.  Heck, I'll
even tolerate the minivan if they bring the rest of the good stuff over. 
With my luck it will be the other way around, but we can still write

Best Wishes,