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Re: Digital Hilarity

Phil Payne wrote:

> I thought I just _HAD_ to share this one with the quattro mailing list.
> For some time, Alta Vista has been selecting the adverts it runs based
> on the
> search you're doing.  I actually find this neat.
> But try doing a search on "audi quattro turbo".
>                     IT TRIES TO SELL YOU A ovloV 4WD!!!
> The slogans are things like:
>          "Driving offroad is fine; as long as it's intentional"!
> --
>  Phil Payne
>  UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club

It's true.  ovloV ads come up in an Audi search.  But: did you see the
new TV Subaru ads?  Apparently qlisters weren't the only ones who
caught Volvo shooting themselves in the foot by very graciously giving
free AWD advertising to Subaru.  Their new ads feature Judge Reinhold
(Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Beverly Hills Cop II) on a creeper under a
Volvo in a showroom, interrogating the salesman:

"So, Volvo only offers AWD on _one_ of its models but Subaru has it on
all of theirs?" or something to that effect...

Makes me wonder why Audi seems to be staying out of the
fray...resting on your laurels only gets you so far...

Best Wishes,