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Re: S6 Wagon in Boston

Hairy green toads from Mars made Rob Winchell say:

> For those looking for an S6 Wagon (you know who you are), there is one at
> Prestige Motors outside of Boston. Their phone# is 1-800-203-9478.
> Prestige also had an S6 sedan (green/ecru), 94? 100CSQ Wagon (green/ecru), a
> '90 V8 (pearl/gray, no UFOs) and a 90CSQ of some sort.

I just called about the 100QW. It's a '93 with 83K miles, with
a 2 year 24K mile warranty. Asking $15,900 which is CHEAP.
Edmunds and Kelly both put this car at about $19K retail.

I may go look at it tomorrow, but I worry about the low price.


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