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Euro-spec indicators vs DOT indicators

With all this talk about euro lights had me thinking about the euro-spec
signals (indicators).

I have noticed that in european car magazines that the turn signals do
not light up with the headlights as they do in North America (DOT). I
think that in Europe, the turn signals are only used for signaling, but
here in North America, they have a combined function of signals and
running lights.

I have euro-spec turn signals in both my Audi and Passat (I opted for
the clear ones), they are made by Hella. Both the indicators were
supplied with a single filament bulb (for signaling only). I wired the
Passat indicators to operate only as a signal. In the Audi, I replaced
the bulb and holder with a dual filament one and wired it for a signal
and running light.

Any opinions on this? Especially U.K. and Europe listers?

Just my thought of the day.


Sean Douglas
1990 Audi 90 Quattro 20V
1992 VW Passat GL 16V
Surrey, B.C.