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Re: Audi Foxxxes

In a message dated 98-03-05 16:44:56 EST, WBITTRICH@aol.com writes:

<< A 78 Audi Fox was my first Audi.  It was by chance I found it, as it was
 car I wanted at the time: a wagon, manual trany, sunroof, small, simple,
 economical. >>

The 78 Fox wagon was my first Audi, too. Same equipment plus a/c and extra
guages. The engine was fuel injection so there was a fair power/weight ratio.
The Audi body lean was there but the cornering was pretty good. I would by it
back today if I could find it.

78 Fox -> 82 turbo -> 85 Avant -> 86 4kcsq -> 83 Ur-Q and 87.5 cgt