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Timing belt cover

Hi all,

This will probably sound stupid, but is there a trick to removing the
upper timing belt cover on an 86 4ks (1.8L I4)?  I'm already removed
the two nuts at the top on the front of the valve cover.  Then there's
that nifty round plug, fairly large OD on the head, but just a 6mm hex
socket in the middle.  I've backed it out all the way from what looks
like a boss in the block, but its seems to be riding captive inside the
cover and won't come out all the way.  The cover now has a lot of pl been
in here at least onece before, and kind of munged things up.  

So, I'm very op;en to pointers.  In the meantime, does that metal hole
plug described above have to come completely out, or is just getting it
unthreaded supposed to be enough?

roger "hoping for a new timing belt" albert
86 4ks 4cyl