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Re: Audis at altitude (WAS: A6 Car of the Year)

<Ralph Poplawsky wrote:

> I have lived at high altitudes for more than 20 years and have been
> continually impressed by how well the turbo cars do relative to the normally
> aspirated ones. . . .>

I've also driven in high altitudes for over 20 years, and must agree with Ralph
that turbo cars are great in such circumstances -- especially for passing or
trying to outpull others on steep grades.  However, I've also been quite
satisfied with the performance of our 4kcsq (purchased new in '87) in the
Rockies.  While it is no S4, mid-range torque and good gearing have always made
it possible to go well over the speed limit when appropriate.  Stoplight drags
-- forget it!  Otherwise, a most satisfying road car -- as I suspect the A6 to
be as well.

Cheers -

Gary Bracken
Denver, CO