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RE: 90Q20V Radio "SAF" display

The stereo code might have been changed by the previous owner, BUT, the dealer
should be able to find the original code neverless (and do it for FREE).
THere is some Audis out there with radios that codes can be changed on, but i
don't know how to tell if your radio has that or not.  Tell the dealer to find
the ORIGINAL code for your car (he CAN do this, and is not supposed to charge
for it), if it doesn't work....then the code was changed by the previous

If that's the case, i think there is a way for the dealer to revert it back to
the original code (this he will probably charge you for).  Call Audi of
America for some help with this one, their customer service has been getting a
lot better lately.  If the orignal code does not work, you may want to buy a
remanufactured Audi stereo (the Qlist will tell you who does this) or a new
stereo all together.

You also should check out and join the coupe quattro 20V and 90 quattro 20V
club some of us formed last year....it has a lot of info that will save you
big $$ in the long run.  And we have a mailing list just for the 20Vers that
has over 100 members on it.  Collectively we know all that there is to know on
these cars. check the web site for info on how to subscribe.

web site:http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/3229

Good luck,
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