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How many times does it take...

My woes with my local Audi dealer continue. Back in December, I had my '92
100S in for the airbag recall service to be done. When I got the car back, all
the dash and center console lights were out. I took the car back, and they
fixed them. Then about three weeks ago (the same weekend I was rear-ended),
part of my dash lights and all of the center console lights went out again.
Again I took the car back to the dealer, and got it back last wednesday.
Unfortunately I had to pick it up after hours, so I could not check out their
job before taking it. Now they fixed the part of the dash that was out, but
now the coolant temp guage and fuel guage are very dim (looks like their bulbs
are burnt out), only the bottom half of the gear selector display lights up,
and the driver's side seat heater switch does not light up. This will be the
third time I will have to take the car back for the same problem. Who do these
idiots have working on my car? Don't they check their work before saying it is
OK to give back to the customer? Sorry for the rant, but come on....

'92 100S (70k)