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Re: the deuce

     I too was disappointed, 2CV's even with some of the worlds strongest men
carrying them could hardly get out of their own way, and isn't it a shame, that
Bernie has managed
to alienate so many F1 fans in the USA for amount of a few more dollars for his
empire. I wander if bernie has ever heard of a term called "Market Penetration",
a phrase
quite often used by advertising dept.'s of companies that advertise on these
     It's called return on your investment, I doubt bernies backers are getting
theirs, as the market shrinks, with the coverage transfer from ESPN2 to
Speedvision for live broadcasts.
Paul Rogers
also severely disappointed

frankbauer@thevine.net wrote:

> after watching uconn win the big east on espn (afnac), i turned to the
> deuce to see if the rest of the australian f1 gp was worth watching.
> apparently bernie decided a few thousand homes was a sufficient
> television market in the usa (aka speedvision.) since there is a strongman
> competition in its place on espn2 tonight (they're running while carrying 2CV
> bodies right now, so it's kinda like an auto race) and presumably something
> equally fulfilling during the rerun on espn tomorrow night.
> i hope it's a boring season...
> frank