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Re: <90Q20V> Radio "SAF" display

     The problem arises from the fact that your wife has what they call a
soft coded radio in her car, that is a code that was entered by the original
owner. Your V8 has what they call a HARD CODED radio, in that the code comes
with the radio, and when needed, can be aquired thru your local Audi dealer
thru supplying the radio serial #, and VIN # from the vehicle.
     Probably just as well to pull her radio, and purchase a like kind
exchange unit for approx. $ 74.00-$110.00, depending on what radio it is.
Paul Rogers
Parts dept
University Audi
Seattle, Wa.

Tim Gortner wrote:

> Dear Listers:  My wife's 1990 90Q20V radio/tape player has the word SAF
> displayed and she can't use it.  The dealer in Hyannis said there's no
> way to get the code except from the former owner.  Who the hell knows
> who that is as we bought the car 3 years ago, used, from Pioneer in
> Denver.  The Hynnis dealer says he can replace the radio, but can't get
> the code.
> What's up with this?  My V8 had the same problem and the dealer knew the
> code right away.  Is there something different with the 90 model
> (non-Bose?).
> Please send e-mail direct as I'm off the list for a while (no time to
> read the digest even.. ACKKK!!)
> Tim Gortner
> Marshfield, MA
> '90 V8Q
> '90 90Q20V
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