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<90Q20V> Radio "SAF" display

Dear Listers:  My wife's 1990 90Q20V radio/tape player has the word SAF
displayed and she can't use it.  The dealer in Hyannis said there's no
way to get the code except from the former owner.  Who the hell knows
who that is as we bought the car 3 years ago, used, from Pioneer in
Denver.  The Hynnis dealer says he can replace the radio, but can't get
the code.

What's up with this?  My V8 had the same problem and the dealer knew the
code right away.  Is there something different with the 90 model

Please send e-mail direct as I'm off the list for a while (no time to
read the digest even.. ACKKK!!)

Tim Gortner
Marshfield, MA
'90 V8Q
'90 90Q20V

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