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Re: Audi's 5v engine banned??

> The 5 valve V6 is in the new ('98) A4 and A6 cars. I didn't know
> about this ban, but Quattros are banned from SuperTouring competitions
> these days.
> PS - the bore and stroke are: 3.25" (82.5mm) x 3.40" (86.4mm).

5V first showed in the 1.8 4-cylinder A4 as far as I know. The 5V
was in the 1.8 before the V6, right?

Toyota sell a 1600cc 5V per cylinder here in South Africa, very
impressive but to me it feels like a copy of the A4 motor. 115 kW from a
1600cc street car NA is alright, isn't it? 207km/h max, 0-100km/h in
about 7 seconds. Just their basic RSi thing.

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