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Re: NA I-5 performance suggestions

> From: Dwight Varnes <xmxbreed@lancnews.infi.net>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: NA I-5 performance suggestions
> Date: Monday, March 09, 1998 4:35 PM

> I'm much closer to actually beginning work on my NG engine upgrade (NA
> 2.3). I have a Schrick cam of some sort (any way to ID them?), a
> Canadien exhaust manifold (5-2-1) and am designing my own exhaust system
> beyond the cat. I'm guessing the exhaust will net about 10hp, no idea on
> the cam, and the stock NG engine is 130hp. I'd like to see about 165hp. 

When I looked at mine before putting it in I don't recall any marking that
had meaning to me.  

Could this EM be a 5-3-1? like that of the 4kq? Best NA  EM Audi used and
has a 2.5" collector. 

Realistically you can expect in the neighborhood of 150 to 155 hp with this
combination - assuming the cam is a Schrick 268 or 272. 165 hp would be
about the theoretical max at 5700 rpm with this displacement.

> Will larger injectors, say from a 5KT benefit me? Fuel distributor? I
> imagine it's all kind of resticted by the throttle plate housing size.

Don't think distributor or Injectors will be a problem with this level of
power output. I do think some type of full throttle enrichment device will
make a difference. I experienced this when I installed my Schrick. Seems I
had a failing temperature sensor which caused an over rich condition. I
blamed the cam for the poor low end response and praised it for the
wonderful surging feeling at WOT in the top of the rpm band. As soon as I
replaced the faulty sensor, my car started fine again when cold, low end
response was nearly as good as before the cam and the surge in power at the
top was quite diminished.  I'll bet someone on this list has a plan they
could share for a full throttle enrichment device.

> Anyone have any first hand knowledge on improving the 10v cylinder head?

Yes, match port it to the IM and have the IM extrude honed. you have the
big valve (40mm) head and the IM will be major restriction.