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Re: NA I-5 performance suggestions

At 05:36 PM 3/9/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Don't think distributor or Injectors will be a problem with this level of
>power output. I do think some type of full throttle enrichment device will
>make a difference. I experienced this when I installed my Schrick. Seems I
>had a failing temperature sensor which caused an over rich condition. I
>blamed the cam for the poor low end response and praised it for the
>wonderful surging feeling at WOT in the top of the rpm band. As soon as I
>replaced the faulty sensor, my car started fine again when cold, low end
>response was nearly as good as before the cam and the surge in power at the
>top was quite diminished.  I'll bet someone on this list has a plan they
>could share for a full throttle enrichment device.

Funny you should mention this, but I'm planning to fool around with this
myself after reading about Techtonics Tuning kit for the Scirocco.  In
theory its very simple.  Temp sensor is wired in series with another
resistor which is shorted by the NC contacts of a relay.  When you hit WOT,
the relay cuts in opening the contacts and putting the "enrichment"
resistor in the circuit.  ECU gets fooled into thinking the temperature is
colder and compensates by bumping up the current to the differential
pressure regulator.  The fun comes in determining the value of the
enrichment resistor so you don't go overboard and go past 12:1 F/A ratio.


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