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Re: B Chassis Derivatives Comparo and What Will a 1.8T fit in

George Achorn writes:
> 1. Will a 1.8T fit in the car? I am banking on the fact that there will be
> a ton of Passat 4 cylinders on the market and the engine in longitudinal
> layout will be fairly common on the used and wrecked market in the next few
> years. Will the tranny and clutch assemblys fit too?

I am sure the 1.8T won't just drop in.  A lot of custom fabrications
will be needed, as well as custom plumbing, LOTs of electrical work,
etc.  To do such a transplant would cost upwards of $10K.  And that's
probably not including the price of the engine and ancillaries.
Yes, I am serious.

> 2. How is the quattro system in the car, in comparison to newer versions.
> What should I look out for, and what is upgradeable. As things break on the
> car I am planning on upgrading. 

The 84 4KQ has the old style vacuum actuated differential locks,
operated via a knob in the center console.  You lock the center in
the first detent, and both the center and the rear in the second detent.
The differentials are fully open otherwise.  No Torsens on these cars.
I am not sure you can easily upgrade any of these components either.
The 85-87 4KQs have basically the same quattro arrangement, except that
the center console control became a rotary knob.

> 3. How hard would it be to go to 5 lug configuration? Do only the parts
> from an ultra rare ur-Q fit the car, or could I pirate the stuff off of a
> wrecked 5000 turbo?

The 5000T hubs and strut housings are completely different from those
in the 4KQ and won't fit.  You'll need to use all UrQ pieces to change
to 5 lugs (strut housings, hubs, wheel bearings, brakes, driveshafts,
etc.  The question is *why*.

> 4. What are the similarities between the 4KQ gen 1 and other of what I call
> B chassis cars including the Dasher, Quantum, VW Fox, Audi Fox etc. For
> example would items like Fox tail lights swap on the car, or would the
> chrome window surround (ala A4) from the Quantum fit with some mods?

No, the tail lights on the 84 4KQ is interchangeable with any 1980-1984
Audi 4000 sedans, that's all.  No Quantum body parts or trim will fit
the 4KQ.  There are a bunch of oddments that are interchangeable between
these cars, but generally only in the realm of hardware, like some parts in
the ventilation system, steering column switches, relays, certain suspension
pieces, etc.  The 4KQ is 5-cylinder.  Most of these other cars are 4 cylinder
with the exception of the Quantum (which has both 4 cylinder and 5 cylinder
versions).  Many engine compartment items are the same between the Audi
Coupe GT of the same vintage and the 4KQ.

> 5. I know the bolt pattern is 4 lug, but is it VW 4 lug offset or Audi
> offset 4lug like my sisters '93 90? 

The 4KQ has 4x108mm ET45.

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