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Re: 84 UR-T tuning potential

> > Is it worthwhile doing all this to a 2144, or has a 2226 10v got much 
> > more potential ?

I had some in depth discussions with Pete at White Cottage Quattro about
doing things to my MB, and he also mentioned that depending how far you
wanted to go, the WR was a better starting point, due to, as Phil says the
fuel injection. With either the WR or MB, you are going to struggle to get
anything over 300bhp anyway without replacing the fuel system, neither
system can supply fuel for 300+. We also went into the discussion about
unleaded petrol. I was told that if I were to tune my MB engine, once I
started to use unleaded, serious flat spots in the power curve would
appear :-(
The top and bottom of the converstation was that if I wanted 300+ bhp
without flat spots, then the best route to take was to install a 20V
engine from an S2. These engines can be picked up for between 1.5 to 2k
and make a good starting block for future serious tuning.

> I'd suggest you have some serious discussions with people who know what they're 
> talking about.  Aelred at Dialynx (Swindon) and Martin at BR Motorsport 
> (Leamington) for a start - then perhaps Dean Zaman at Audi Only in Manchester.  
Aelred 'nearly' had an electronic fuel system working for a 10V motor last
time I saw him, but Im not sure if it was for either/or the WR or MB. His
own car had the fuel system from the V8 if I remeber correctly.....

Pete at White Cottage Quattro (who's phone number I seem unable to find at
the moment, but he is based near Horsham in West Sussex) also `nearly` had
an electronic fuel system working for the 10V`s, but this was over a year
ago, so he may of cracked it by now. What this guy does have, or claims to
have anyway, is an electronic fuel system that Audi used on the 10V rally
cars. If this is correct, then that might be something worth while having
on your car, but he was completely unwilling to sell it last time I spoke
to him, i.e it was not for sale. Some ppl in the QOC have used this guy to
service/tweak their cars so I guess you need to talk to them as well if
you are considering spending big $$$$. An example of his work was at
Chartsworth last year - An S2 with a RS2 motor under the bonnet :-)