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FS: 90 90 Quattro 20v

Winter is winding down, and the wife is itchy for a new car after the
auto show (probably a 'yellow' A4 1.8t Quattro as pictured in the
latest Audi brochure).  At any rate, out 1990 90 Quattro 20v is up for

To save some keystrokes and save you reading time I will summarize the

The car is in EXCELLENT condition,
Almost ALL Options (leather, heated mirrors, CD, Alarm w/remote
keyless entry, 5 speed, etc...)
Still under extended warranty
New Dunlops <3000mi
Car currently has 110,000 miles
new timing belt, O2 Sensor, brakes incl. bomb, as result of ^^^^^ at
90k miles
Difflock works

Now I will tell you whats wrong with the car. Although the car is in
excellent condition NO used car is perfect;

Car is in need of new front strut bearings (I will be fixing this
sometime in April if not sold)
The usual parking lot "minor" dings (no rust, nothing major)
Could use new lower passenger door rubber molding (but not an eye soar
at this time)
ALL instrumentation lights work, however some switchs no longer
immuminate (typical) such as 1 or 2 power window switch's, rear fog
light switch....
Although brakes are new, the rear rotors have a very 'slight' warp
only noticable if braking hard over 70mph.

As for pricing, I paid $7500 for the car last year, the previous owner
had followed maintenece shedule.  I picked up the latest at 90k, etc.
maintence + some repairs not covered by my extended warranty such as
brakes, bomb, etc.  At this time I have a total investment in this car
of over $10,000.00.  Edmunds & Kelly blue book is still holding around
$10,000 for the car even considering the mileage.

I am posting the car for sale at $9000.00 or best offer (trades may be
considered as I am always looking for something new to me for
myself..i.e. old Porsche 356/914/911's, and the wife wouldn't mind an
1990-> VW CabriO/let.)  Remember this is a 20v!!!

I will also consider lowering the price if the potential buy is not in
need of CD Player, Alarm/Keyless entry, and new Dunlop's.

We are located near Cleveland, OH.

A picture of the car can be viewed at

90 Audi 90 Quattro 20v (For Sale $9500)
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