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Re: I'm a new owner of a '90 90

I have a couple of mechanics for you to try, where are you located exactly?
Try Bavarian Motors in Anaheim 714-774-8620 tell them Avi sent you

If you need more I can get the other one but he is in Canoga Park,
Yorba Linda
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Date: Tuesday, March 10, 1998 3:16 AM
Subject: I'm a new owner of a '90 90

>>- a good mechanic in Orange County or nearby (altho I think Ron Woods,
>>  who serviced my previous GTIs does Audi as well, I haven't called
>>  him yet)
>ron?  audis?  hmmmmmm...
>i'm fairly certain ron should be able to handle audi service.
>or just build one for you if you forgot yours...
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