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Money trees

>QSHIP writes "..money no object, I see advantages to CIS".
>Okay, I'll bite:  What are the mods to the CIS system that will take
>the car futher in torque and hp than EFI?  Let's assume it is a money
>no object thing [well, that thought scares any working man:)].  What
>to do?
Please see my correction.  However, EFI is 'an' answer, and an expensive one.
I know that you can spend less money with your existing CIS system, and have
more fuel than any street car would require.  Given a CIS, I would stick with
CIS.  Given EFI, I would stick with EFI.  The gains from CIS to non sequential
port EFI are not as high as one might believe.  CIS-lamda is an effective port
fuel device.  So is EFI.  Lambda is the key here, IMO.  Then take your extra
dollars and spend them on go faster goodies.  Where sequential port EFI gains,
is in torque, given port vs port comparo.  So, I'll take the argument on SEFI,
PEFI doesn't really do that much for ya.

Fast is complicated.  Neither is fuel, IMO.

Scott Justusson