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Re: Smelly 4kq (dumb-owner)

Okay -- found the source of the icky smell.  It might as well by the smell
of my brain rotting in my head, though :(....  

I had flicked the wipers on the night before, and left them in
"intermittent" as I shut off the car.

Came back the next day, and if you've been watching The Weather Channel,
you know that we here in the Chicagoland area just got hit by a major snow
storm.  Dumb me didn't dig out the wiper blades, just cleared the windows.

So, about 1 hour of driving later, and a major stench coming from
"somewhere", I realize my stalk is up .......  *screams of DOH heard for
miles around Old Orchard Mall today at 9AM*

So, somebody shoot me.

Checked the fuse -- it's okay .. that sucks.  Looks like either the stalk
or the wiper motor is gone, cause I have NO wipe action.  What's the best
way to check?  I suppose I could run a meter to the intermittent wiper
relay (or just listen for it).

Okay ... I'm really embarassed...

So, how much for the wiper motor?

Guess I'll just add that on to the list of things to get fixed (QHIPQ??
emaxon??)... in the meantime, it's Rain-X for me.

87 4kq -- with a not-quite-idiot-proof owner

                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu