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84 UR-T tuning potential

Phil wrote:
>You've missed out on some pretty heavy discussions about the 10V ur-quattros
>this list.  Basically, the WR (your 2144, but we like to be specific because 
>versions vary slightly between countries) is essentially mechanically 

>The MB (the UK ur-quattro version of the 2226 - a close relative of the USA's
>MC-1/MC-2 and the UK's 1B used in the 200TQ) is _NOT_ easy to tune.

Apparently I've missed the boat on this one too. Just what are the differences
between the electronics in an US 1985 urq and the GB/European
car? Are there also mechanical differences with the motor as well. I guess for
one your cars didn't have unleaded then. (My Ford 390 big block
sure didn't like unleaded!)