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91 200qw multi-function switch replaced (car still for sale...)

Received and installed the new switch yesterday.  Temp gauge works all
the time now.  Also boost comes up better, too.

Battery has seemed weak for a few weeks.  A potential buyer paid for a
pre-purchase inspection which stated the need for a new battery due to
the weak starting.  I wasn't real impressed with the accuracy or
thoroughness of the inspection for other reasons this is another one.  I
checked the water in the battery and all six cells were pretty low.
Topped them up and took it for a 45 minute joy ride.  This morning the
temp was in the high teens (you should hear the newscasters around
here...)  and the car started right up, cranking stronger than it had in
several weaks, even at the low temp.  So much for the weak battery idea.

Thanks for all the quick responses on my multi-function temp sensor

Ed Kellock ................. Greenville, SC
91 200qw IA3, FOR SALE, more realistically seeking something in the mid
87 Coupe GT, waiting in the wings for a modest cash infusion, to be
driven daily once again.